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The Underdogs of Baseball

Everybody loves a good underdog story, it's the theme behind some of the greatest films of all time and it's also the theme for many great sporting moments. We're talking about teams who would never have been among anyone's MLB free baseball picks selections and players who at times were anonymous. The unpredictability of baseball sometimes and the grit and determination of certain individuals and teams certainly makes for interesting viewing and in this case, reading. Here are our three favourite MLB underdog stories.

Boston Red Sox 2004

Pretty much everyone has heard of the Red Sox. Even if you don't like baseball you'll have seen celebrities such as Ben Affleck wearing the ubiquitous B baseball cap. The 2004 World Series win was also a joke in the long running TV series Lost, as well as the Boston team inspiring a few Easter eggs within the show.

What makes this story remarkable is it is one of the greatest comebacks ever. The Red Sox are 3-0 down in games against the New York Yankees and were totally humiliated in the third game 19-8. They tied the fourth game and Boston forced a game five after the narrowest of victories.

Game five saw another tie with the Red Sox eventually winning in 14 innings. The sixth game was won and an unthinkable winner takes all seventh game was played. The Sox didn't need extra innings or luck this time as they coasted to a 10-3 victory. They went on to destroy the St Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

Was this the greatest comeback of all time or was it the greatest collapse ever by the Yankees? You decide, but it made great viewing.

Chicago White Sox 1906

Over a century ago the Chicago White Sox were a hopeless team who had seven home runs to their name for the whole season. The White Sox still went on to win the World Series that year because what they lacked in hitting they made up for in pitching.

Frank Smith had the highest ERA with a 3.39 mark and there were four pitchers who won at least 17 games, two of whom had ERAs under 1.88.

The Chicago Cubs were the team many tipped to win, but the White Sox swept them aside with pitching.

World Series 1991

It wasn't just in Back to the Future 2 where a big odds underdog was victorious and here we saw two teams who won't have been the MLB free baseball picks of many experts duking it out for glory.

The Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves had both finished dead last in their respective divisions the previous year and were pretty much the two rank outsiders in the competition. Both teams managed to get on good streaks which took then to the final head to head where one of the greatest finals ever saw the Twins win 1-0 thanks to a run in the bottom of the tenth. It was a game neither deserved to lose.

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